Co-inventing tomorrow's medical devices.

JeffSolves MedTech, an initiative led by Thomas Jefferson University, aims to bring faculty members and students from across the Jefferson community together to generate innovative solutions for urgent healthcare problems.




Circalux is a circadian-friendly lighting company designing lighting pods ti meet the needs of overnight care providers in the hospital and home. Created by three medical students at Thomas Jefferson University, Circalights emit circadian-friendly wavelengths at intensities proven to be the least disruptive to melatonin, one of the body’s main chemical cues for sleep. The devices are rechargeable and adjust their brightness according to user proximity.

Owl Medical: Turn-Timer

The Pressure Ulcer team spent the remainder of the 2017 academic year researching all aspects of pressure ulcers; eventually focusing on both the biomechanical factors and hospital workflow causes of pressure ulcers. The Pressure Ulcer team then did a six-week intensive immersive residency with a product development company called 10xBeta in Brooklyn, New York. During the residency the Pressure Ulcer team developed a retrofittable bed-mounted system that uses low cost sensors to detect patient position in bed, and assess the need for a healthcare professional to turn a patient. This system utilizes intuitive notification and information delivery methods to streamline healthcare professionals pressure ulcer prevention workflows and involve patients’ families in the prevention processes. The Pressure Ulcer team continues to develop this pressure ulcer prevention product and has filed for patents.



ALAFLEX Design: 3D Bandaging System

Introducing the ALAFLEX system, a new way of bandaging tricky axillary wounds. Medical dressings have always been flat and formulaic. However, with 3D technology, the team designed a bandaging system that ergonomically fits the axilla's unique body contour. Our 3D bandages provide leak and odor protection, while offering comfort and discretion. While the ALAFLEX is primarily geared towards treating HS patients, users suffering from hyperhidrosis and other axillary wounds and conditions would also benefit from this affordable option. With a patent pending on the ALAFLEX product line, the team looks forward to enabling patient users and providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.


Soriya spent the summer of 2018 in an immersive accelerator program with product development company 10XBeta. The team created a low-cost applicator apparatus (patent pending) that fits on all standard Clobetasol foam canisters. Clobetasol foam is one of the first line treatments for patients with scalp psoriasis. The team also created an apparel line (patent pending), beginning with a head cap, that is compatible with topical medications used in dermatology. The apparel both allows patients to avoid getting oil stains all over their clothing, and the specially designed material actually increases the efficacy of the topical medications through the principles of occlusion therapy. Soriya’s two product system provides skin friendly solutions to help dermatologic patients heal with ease and comfort.




After an in depth investigation of the equipment and techniques used to provide neuraxial anesthesia, a team zeroed in on the problematic biomechanics involved in setting up the patient for the procedure - particularly, how the patient must initiate and maintain an unintuitive, unnatural, and challenging arch of the back in order to maximally open up intervertebral space for needle insertion. The team conducted multiple rounds of iterative prototyping with validation by pregnant patients and experts every step of the way, and is proud to introduce Epistion - the cushion that positions patients for a smooth delivery. Ergonomically designed to help the patient more intuitively fall into position, Episition provides emotional and physical support to stabilize the patient during this difficult procedure. Furthermore, this stability allows the Anesthesiologist to more easily place the needle - improving existing practice, easing the frustrations of healthcare staff, and enhancing hospital efficiency. With a patent pending on Episition’s revolutionary design, the team looks forward to improving a gold standard with a patient-centered approach.


Gilt Tilt is a device that empowers patients who need pelvic exams in the ER. The Tilt flat-packs so that it takes up less space and is easily stored, and is able to quickly be folded up so that the provider uses a minimal amount of time for set-up. The Gia Tilt provides pelvic support for the patient so that they are in the optimal position for the exam, and includes padding to make the patient more comfortable. The angle of the Tilt also provides better visualization of the cervix for the provider.  




Flipcatch is a modern midstream clean-catch urine collection device. It is the result of a reimagining of the standard urine cup to improve the efficiency and user experience of collecting urine for culturing. For patients with suspected urinary tract infections, midstream clean-catch is the standard process. Although there are no standardized instructions, the patient is usually told to clean their genitals with a wipe, urinate a little bit into the toilet, and then catch a sample of urine in a plastic cup. This is intended to flush out skin cells and accompanying bacteria that can contaminate the sample and collect a sample representative of what microbes are actually present in the patient’s bladder. The process is a clumsy one, especially for women and those with dexterity issues. Commonly, the confusing process ends with dirty hands and a dirty sample. The contaminated sample fails to provide the healthcare provider with useful information about how to treat the patient. The provider can either make an educated guess or order the test again, adding hours to the patient’s wait for an answer and cost to the system.

Flipcatch turns all of this on its head by providing a simple and elegant device that automatically collects a midstream sample, thus reducing contamination. The product also integrates into existing workflow by providing the option of using a vacuum sealed tube to remove the clean sample from the device. Flipcatch can improve patients’ experience and comfort, aid clinicians in their decision making and treatment, and reduce costs and inefficiencies to hospital systems at large.